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Welcome to Space Gems™. We specialize in the finest quality pallasite meteorites, meteorite jewelry, and meteorite rings. Not many people are aware that gems from outer space even exist! Space gems come in the form of meteorites known as Pallasites. Pallasites are a very rare type of stony-iron meteorite that contains the semi-precious gemstone Peridot (olivine), embedded in an Iron-nickel matrix. When cut into thin slices and polished the Peridot forms beautiful translucent windows reminiscent of the stained glass windows of a Church. The Peridot can also be faceted into a beautiful gemstone. These exquisite space rocks are named after the German scientist Peter Pallas (1741-1811). Not all pallasites are of equal quality. There are a number that have developed reputations for being unstable and rusting. Some specimens rust so badly that they crumble into pieces. We avoid buying Brahin, Brenham and Admire pallasites. Fortunately, there are a number of high quality Pallasites that are well known for both their stability and beauty. These include Imilac, Esquel and Seymchan. We are currently offering the finest quality Esquel and Imilac specimens for the discriminating collector. Click on this link to read how pallasites were formed. We also offer beautiful 'Meteorite Jewelry': authentic meteorite pendants, Custom meteorite rings, meteorite necklaces, meteorite earrings and meteorite watches. Please click on the links below to view the available items from our current collection.


Photo of an exquisite Esquel Pallasite Meteorite

Esquel Pallasites

Imilac Pallasite Photo

Imilac Pallasites


Meteorite Jewelry

Seamless Meteorite Ring

Meteorite Rings

Meteorite Necklace

Meteorite Necklaces

Meteorite Earrings

Meteorite Earrings

Meteorite Pendant

Meteorite Pendants. Approximately 3/4" to 1" in length. Price ONLY $69.95 Each!

Meteorite Watch

Meteorite Watches



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